Without his battle armor Vanguard appears as a normal man (6’ 2", 212 lbs) but for one detail: his obviously mechanical right eye, the pupil of which glows red. He typically wears sunglasses to cover it.


Harrison Helms is a 22nd century US government agent who was intended to be sent back to the year 2071 to prevent the development of the latest technologically advanced cyber-organism, designed to be immune to every living organism. The development of this “species” over the next few decades would prove to be the demise of the human race as these new organisms would invade and eliminate any perceived threat to its survival, even though they are not actually biologically sustainable.

However, time travel in the 22nd century is still not an exact science and there are times when it goes awry. Unfortunately for Harrison, he finds himself in the year 2017 instead of the intended 2071 as a result of one of these accidents (which actually is the result of a dyslexic tech in this instance). His poor luck continues as his Century-Link fails after the transfer and the parts necessary to repair it won’t be invented for another 40 years!

Harrison realizes that he needs to make himself much less conspicuous while determining how to travel to his intended destination 54 years in the future.


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