Henry is a 21-year-old American of Japanese descent who stands 5’9" tall and is slim, weighing 160 pounds. He wears his thick black hair in a wild spiky stile. The alien gauntlets are a brillaint gold color, and have yellow streamers. His costume consists of a white top with blue leggings and boots.

Henry has the mutant ability to open holes between this dimension and one of pure energy. He can manipulate these holes in such a way as to allow energy to burst forth, or he can enter one and appear instantly from another, many yards away.

The gauntlets give Henry much finer control of his powers, allowing him to open several holes in rapid succession for a rapid fire effect, or to allow only a narrow, penetrating beam of energy to escape. They also use his power to generate a force field, holes that will appear and disappear around his body, deflecting incoming attacks.

When Henry opens a hole into the Energy Dimension there’s an audible ripping sound, thus his nom de guerre.

Henry’s basically a good kid, but he seems to take nothing seriously. This is to hide the deep pain he feels at having missed his father’s passing, and at the pressure on him to become the head of the family. He fears letting down the people who depend on him, but at he same time he chafes at the responsibility.

He’s also quite judgemental of everyone. He holds himself to a high moral standard, he feels that he’s sacrificed his own dreams to provide for his family, so he’s extremely critical of anyone whom he judges to be falling short of that standard.


Henry Yamamoto was an electronics wunderkind before he was a teenager. This early intelligence didn’t prepare him much when puberty brought not only college scholarships, but a mutant power. Henry found he could open small holes in the very fabric of space, portals into a dimension of pure energy.

It made for a neat parlor trick, but nothing much more than that, until Henry met Jefferson Ambrose. Ambrose offered Henry a purpose, a cause to which he could put his powers to use. He also had two golden gauntlets which he offered to Henry. The boy put them on, they covered both arms from shoulder to fingertip. As he closed the last clasp he felt them momentarily grow warm, and they squeezed his arms gently before relaxing.

“That was the bonding process,” Ambrose explained. “Those are yours now, and nobody else’s. They’re from halfway across the galaxy.”

It turned out Jefferson Ambrose was really an alien known as ShadowLord, from a distant part of the galaxy. He gathered others like Henry, two other people who had powers that he could augment with alien technology.

ShadowLord never told his fledgling team his ultimate goal. He hinted several times that they were a last line of defense, but against what he wouldn’t say.

Then came The Gap: for 10 years all paranormals disappeared from the Earth. And nobody noticed.

When they reappeared, Henry was back home in Seattle. His family greeted him as if he’d never been gone, although they had all aged (his six-year-old brother James was now 16), and his father had passed away under mysterious circumstances. Henry was now expected to be the man of the house, to provide for the family his father had left behind. Heartbroken, bearing a burden he did not feel up to, Henry sank into a depression.

Henry finally got another job as a game designer. He had been among the most popular game designers prior to The Gap but, although he’s still very good at it, his heart is no longer in it. It’s just a job now, a way to put food on the table. He still lives at home with his mother, Reiko, and his younger brother James.

Henry spends most of his free time hacking into websites. Although tempted, he hadn’t used his skills to profit in any way. He was about to lift that self-imposed restriction when he saw the Seattle PD announce plans for a paranormal crime unit.


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